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Welcome to our world of Medevi organic skin care products.

At Medevi Brunn, the oldest SPA in Sweden and Scandinavia we produce organic skin care products: Faceproducts, lipbalms, bodylotions, hand and footcreams, massageoils, ointments, schampoo and soaps.

Here is also the famous ”Rumpraddaren”, Ringblomssalva Tea tree,  (butt-savior) made to serve all the cyclists who for example participates in the big bikerace Vätternrundan, 300km on bike around our beautiful lake Vättern. A 100% organic ointment to prevent and treat blisters and chafings like saddlesores, sore feet and chafings under the arms when running Marathons etc. Our sportproducts inkludes also a serie of 100% organic Arnicaliniments to help keep the muscles in shape.

Do you want to order our products and live outside of Sweden?

If you live in some European countrys you can order directly in the web-shop and pay with your creditcard. You chose your country in the checkout. 

If you live someplace else, you start by sending us an E-mail order@medevisalvan.se telling us what you want to order:
- Artikelnumber
- Name of the produkt and what size.
- Quantitiy
- Your name and adress
- Your phone number
- Email if your want deliveryinformation on another email account

We will then return with information on Total cost and bank account number. As soon as we see your payment on our bankaccount we will send you the products.

Welcome with your order or questions.

Helena & Bengt with staaf.

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